Agribur S.L.

Our products

Agribur S.L. prepares a wide variety of citrus fruits and especially mandarins with and without leaves, in the following varieties:

Clemenrubí: Its pulp has extraordinary organoleptic characteristics due to its good juice content and the excellent compensation of sugars, acids and aromatic compounds. Without seeds. It is an early variety, its fruits are harvested from September.

Marisol: The fruit is of good size and the pulp is tender and melting, with a high content of slightly acidic juice. Without seeds. The characteristics of this variety are similar to those of the Oroval clementine, from which it fundamentally differs in that the maturity of the fruit takes place about two weeks before.

Clemenvilla: Medium-large caliber. Very attractive reddish orange color: its leathery, fine and shiny skin has radial grooves. It is attached to the pulp because it is often difficult to peel. Without seeds. Harvesting takes place from December.

Ortanique: It is medium to large in size, very flattened in the stylar area, with a very marked areola. It is difficult to peel and always with great release of essential oils. The pulp is flux, with a high amount of juice, with a good balance between acids and sugars.

Oronules: The fruit is small, with a very attractive intense reddish orange color; the pulp is tender, with good juice content with a pleasant flavor. It is very early, and can be collected from the end of September.

Clemenules: Mandarin having an adequate content of high quality juice. Without seeds. Harvesting can begin a few days after the clementine, with its fruits showing a certain tendency to puff.

Nadorcott: It is a late mandarin, in perfect condition to be harvested in mid-February, its harvesting being extended until April. The fruit is almost deep red in color and has a very attractive natural shine.

Tango: Variety of mandarin that does not contain seeds nor causes them in other citrus fruits. Tango is very easy to peel, it has a unique flavor with a high juice content. It also has an intense orange color that allows it to stand out from other varieties. Late mandarin with a long consumption period as it is produced from January to March.